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Welcome to Zenith

Our Mission

your all-inclusive beauty and wellness destination. Step into the wonders of nature in our stunningly aesthetically pleasing retreat location. It is and is not a cabin. Join a community of like-minded individuals and become one of our heart mates: here, you will find the support and love you crave. Our symbol is the beautiful and majestic butterfly: the symbol of great transformation and personal metamorphosis. We provide you with an all-inclusive resort experience, complete with a robust curriculum of wellness courses and procedures, all in a stunning, isolated location specifically designed to help you escape from the harsh and uncomfortable realities of the real world and of your real life. Here at Zenith, we would cut out our own hearts and feed them to you if it would assist you in your personal journey of wellness and growth. (Heart extraction classes available as an add-on to the standard education package!) 

Zenith Wellness Retreat is committed to creating a safe and aesthetically-pleasing space dedicated to self-discovery and self-love.












When our founder, Mental Health Advocate and Instagram Influencer Cassandra Clemm, realized how fascinated her followers were with the cabin, she realized that they were craving a new kind of engagement, a new kind of experience. They wanted to expand the space they’d created on Instagram into the real world. They claimed they wanted to understand a Cassandra better, but really she understood they wanted to understand themselves better, understand the better selves they could be. At Zenith, we teach you how to fix the problem that is yourself. At Zenith, we will help you find your true, best self and share that self with the world.

Hello, Heart Mates! I am Cassandra Clemm, the founder of the Zenith Wellness Retreat. You may know me from my Instagram account, @cassandra_clemm, where I built my devoted following with authenticity, openness, and vulnerability. As always, I have so much to show you. The more I learn about self-actualization, the more I feel compelled to share. Here at Zenith are the seminars, workshops, and guided self-deprivation regimens you need to purify your body, mind, and spirit, helping you on your path to complete and final self-actualization--all led, of course, by me: Cassandra.

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be your best self

Our History

A Message From Our Founder

Choose your Package and Pricing Plan

  • Caterpillar Package

    A Two-Week Stay with Our Standard Curriculum
    Free Plan
    • Core Classes
    • Complimentary Flower Crown
    • Water
    • Customize Your Experience: Add-Ons Available!
  • Best Value

    Chrysalis Package

    A Four Month Stay with Bonus Curriculum
    Free Plan
    • Standard Curriculum + Bonus Curriculum Offerings
    • Complimentary Flower Crown
    • Water
    • Some Food
    • Two Nights Alone in the Woods
    • Customize Your Experience: Add-Ons Available!
  • Butterfly Package

    A Five Year Stay Plus Full Class Access
    Free Plan
    • Access to Full Curriculum
    • Two Flower Crowns
    • Water
    • Protein Shakes
    • Four Weeks Alone in the Woods
    • Option to Stay Forever at Zenith




Standard Curriculum



Oil pulling.

Personal branding. 

Crystal healing.

Extreme fasting.

Screaming into the void.

Flower crown making.

And so much more.

Tai Chi.

Sensory deprivation.

Sleep deprivation.

Binge journaling.

Bonus Curriculum


Tantric orgasm.

Binging and purging.

Instagram marketing.

Affirmation Tattooing. 



Tantric cardio.

Butterfly Exclusives

Bedtime Stories With Cassandra!

Add-On Options

Surplus Fat Suction Therapy.

Mud Baths.

Blood Baths.

Our New Innovative Anti-Aging Secret, Plica Paralytherapy (Patent Pending).

Personal Massage.

Energy Healing.

Professional Massage.

Cuddle Therapy.

Heart Extraction.

Our Course Curriculum and Classes Offered

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Where is Zenith?

The location of Zenith is not to be known, the location is sacred and secret. Once you book your retreat package, you will be blindfolded and transported to the site. It is and is not a cabin. 


join her. she's waiting.

above all

don't disappear.

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